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The Drone is one of the Game Interactions in Rainbow Six. You can use your drone to identify the objective location and the fortifications, traps set up & Enemy locations. Be careful, as you could get caught as you are checking the drones or controlling yours!

A hallmark of the Rainbow Six franchise is the mitigation of information warfare. During the preparation phase, each Operator on the Attacking team will deploy a drone that you'll use to infiltrate the building and uncover the Location of the objective, along with Defender's movements and placement of fortifications. This phase is vital for the attackers as they'll be at a significant disadvantage if they don't know where the enemy's defenses are.

You'll only be able to control your own drone, but your teammates will be able to access the camera feed of any live drone which comes in especially handy during support mode. Defenders will be able to disable them if spotted, but if your drone survives past the preparation phase you'll have access to it during the action phase.

Our drone is designed around a real life tool in active use by many tactical teams worldwide. We saw interesting reports of CTUs using these recon drones to scout areas during bomb defusal situations and made it part of our original prototype. Fans of the series probably remember the snake cam, and this is essentially our version.