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Attacker Spetsnaz Fuze

Primary: 6P41
Ballistic Shield
Secondary: GSH-18
Unique Gadget: Cluster Charge
Gadget 1: Stun Grenade
Gadget 2: Breach Charge
Armor Rating:
Speed Rating:

Overview[edit | edit source]

Fuze comes equipped with a ballistic shield and an effective means of wreaking havoc to a secure location, prior to entering a room. He has a heavy armor class.
Unique Gadget: Cluster Charge
The Cluster Charge is a unique device that will launch 5 small grenades into the room on the other side of the wall from where it is placed. These grenades are less lethal than standard grenades due to their small size, but will still inflict fatal damage to enemies caught within the blast radius.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
Ballistic shield.png Ballistic Shield - 1 30 -
6P41.png 6P41 49
41 (Suppressed)
680 50 100+1
AK-12.png AK-12 44
37 (Suppressed)
850 40 30
GSH-18.png GSH-18 33
28 (Suppressed)
1 50 18
PMM.png PMM 63
53 (Suppressed)
1 50 8

Videos[edit | edit source]