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Rainbow Six Siege Wiki/Section 1

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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a team-based tactical shooter set in an indoor environment. It is a 5v5 asymmetrical confrontation, between Attackers and Defenders, that encompasses a battle between fortification and breaching.

Rainbow Six is an elite team composed of members of the best Special Forces units from around the globe:

  • The British SAS
  • The American SWAT
  • The French GIGN
  • The German GSG9
  • The Russian Spetsnaz
  • The Canadian JTF-2
  • The American Navy Seals
  • The Brazilian BOPE
  • The Japanese SAT
  • The Spanish GEO
  • The Hong Kong's SDU
  • The Polish GROM
  • The Korean SMB
  • The international CBRN
  • The Italian GIS
  • The British SCO19
  • The Moroccan GIGR
  • The Australian SASR
  • The Danish Jaeger Corps
  • The American Secret Services
  • The Mexican FES
  • The Peruvian APCA
  • The organisation NIGHTHAVEN

Trained to operate in tight formations in indoor environments, they are experts of close quarter combat, demolition, and coordinated assaults.

The Siege is a brand-new style of gameplay embracing the reality of counter-terrorist operatives across the world: intense and asymmetrical close-quarters combat between attackers and defenders.

  • As a defender, you will have the means to transform your environment into strongholds to prevent the attackers from breaching.
  • As an attacker, you will have many planning options to face this challenge and defuse these situations.
The Siege
Attackers observe, then assault a fortified position from one of several points of entry, with the goal of completing their objective.
Defenders fortify their objective location, then attempt to prevent the Attackers from completing their mission.