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Rook supports his team by providing them with additional armor. He is a heavy armor class.
Unique Gadget: Armor Pack
Rook will greatly improve your team’s survival thanks to his Armor Pack. These Armor plates increase the chances of the wearer to drop in DBNO (down but not out state) when shot. It also increases the armor rating of anyone picking it up. Make sure to always drop the box during the preparation phase, as Attackers can destroy the box.

Rook is a three armour one speed operator that is the exact same as the other G.I.G.N defender "doc" the only difference between these two are their abilities. I recommend as rook to put your armour down in prep phase and after everyone has taken their armour or if their is still some armour left then make sure to destroy it as attackers can pick up the armour as well, this can make an awesome trap for a C4


Image Name Damage Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
MP5.png MP5 29
24 (Suppressed)
800 45 30
P90.png P90 21
17 (Suppressed)
970 45 50
SG-CQB.png SG-CQB 50 1 42 7
LFP586.png LFP586 60 1 50 6
P9andP12.png P9 30
25 (Suppressed)
1 50 16